2020 - A special year

Anke Steinbach | 19 December, 2020

            Blank book cover - Imagine your 2020 as a book

As a social media newbie, I currently try out a lot. This picuture gained some attention at Instagram. No wonder. It catches a bit of what we feel these days.
"The year 2020 has been a special year, so different than expected. We all have a few of our own 2020 stories." That´s the first lines of my book "Do you speak sustainability". I like the thought that we all started out with a blank book into 2020 - called to fill the year with life and shape it with our decisions and actions. 
2020 has pointed out many things, among them that:
- we live in a fragile world that can be locked down by an invisible, small virus
- there is a lot we don´t have in our hands
- our behavior makes a difference, even with small things as wearing a mask
- our business model and global value chains are not very sustainable.

Sustainability has some astonishing parallels to the coronavirus. US author and environmentalist Stewart Brand stated “that the climate crisis will be more expansive, more dangerous and more deadly than the actual pandemic … but it is a catastrophe that sneaks up in slow motion and misses the momentum of the total suddenness which caused immediate reaction.”
And there is even more to sustainability than climate change.
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