Introducing: Graphic Designer Anna Beddig

Anke Steinbach | 14 April, 2021

            sustainability management book presented by its Graphik Designer

In January, the time had finally come: my book "Do you speak sustainability?" was launched. Of course, such a big project doesn't happen alone, but requires a great team that works on it with passion and experience: Today we would like to introduce you to Anna Beddig. She created the - in my opinion - very successful design for my book "Do you speak sustainability?”. The self-employed designer lives in Hamburg and has been working on projects in the fields of illustration, corporate, editorial and digital design for companies and private individuals since 2014. In the interview, Anna tells us what appealed to her about designing the book and what her stance is on sustainability.

What was particularly exciting for you about creating the book design for my book? Were there any challenges?

"Do you speak sustainability?" was a big book project and challenging for that reason alone. Developing a coherent concept, putting everything into a form, implementing page by page and developing a suitable cover - that was challenging and I also reached my limits. But it was fun and I was able to learn a lot in the process. In the end, it's a great experience to hold the finished work in your hands. I find the topic of sustainability exciting and have taken a lot away with me, even though I have not yet read the book from cover to cover. I am impressed by the content, Anke's extensive knowledge, the well-researched facts and the many tips that are in this book.

Graphik designer Anna beddig with the the book from Anke Steinbachbook design


Do you have a personal connection to sustainability?

Sustainability is an important topic for me, but it definitely has room for further development. In terms of my work and products, I prefer natural or recycled paper, printing should be climate-neutral at best and shipped without plastic if possible. But sustainability also plays an important role in our everyday life: among other things, we try to avoid plastic waste, consume less meat, prefer organic when shopping and try to buy more second-hand.

When you think about the year 2050 - what do you wish would be more sustainable and different then?

I wish that sustainability is much more in focus in people's minds and that the topic is also taken more seriously by politicians, so that the way we live, work and produce becomes emission-free and the earth can breathe again.

Thank you, dear Anna, for the interview and the insights into your work, and thanks again for your great design work on the book.

If you want to learn more about Anna and her work, you should have a look at her website. You can also find chic stationery designs directly in her store.