Sustainability book out now!

Anke Steinbach | 10 February, 2021

            Book about sustainability in business - written by sustainability consultant Anke Steinbach.

Do you know that? Sometimes, exciting things happen, and for some reason, you are not really feeling it in that moment.

When my first parcel with hardcover books arrived in mid-January, I was eager checking out a lot of things very technically: Is the quality good, is the paper thick enough, how are the colors, do I come across misspellings when scamming it? I then was busy shipping the orders that had piled up since the beginning of the year. Took photos to share them on social media. Organized the next shipping order. Adjusted details in the shop for the eBook upload processing ...

Almost 20 years experience in sustainability management

It was two weeks later, a Friday afternoon. I sat in my office and just had received another shipping with new hardover books. I took a book really slowly, touched it and flipped through it. And there was the one moment where I realized: That´s MY book. Nine months of hard work. Almost 20 years of professional experience. So much passion for sustainability and for change. So personal and yet: My book was mainly written to serve others. 

I was overwhelmed and grateful. It was done. Ready to go and fulfill its mission: To educate, motivate, challenge and activate people regarding sustainability.

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